At Wisler's Landscaping & Garden Center we have been serving your community with professional lanscaping and lawn care services for 27 years. Some of our more popular services include:


Spring Clean Up

  • Install mulch or pine straw in shrub beds during the spring only (minimum of 2 inches)
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicidal chemical to all planting beds in the spring only.
  • Apply first application of fertilizer
  • Re-edge planting beds.

Prune all shrubs, small trees and palm trees (under 18 feet.) twice during the season. (Spring and fall)

Fall Clean Up

  • Remove all leaves and debris from site
  • Apply winter applications of fertilizer.
  • Turn and cultivate mulch

Mow and Trim (Weekly Maintenance) – Lawn maintenance will occur once a week for the term of the contract.

  • Mow entire lawn area
  • String trim along all walks and curbs weekly as well
  • Blow clippings and debris off walk ways and driveways
  • Remove litter from lawn area, sidewalks and parking lot curbs
  • Remove weeds from planting beds as part of weekly maintenance. Keeping as weed free appearance
  • Applying herbicide for weeds growing in paved areas

Core Aeration
Turf Fertilization Pre Emergent, Broad leaf weed control, Insecticide

  • Six Step Program